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Sooner or later, every business will need financing to grow. Most owners will try to qualify for venture capital or angel financing. Others will try to get a business loan or line of credit since business loans are popular with business owners.

All these business financing tools work well, but they also have a very important trait in common. They are hard to get and out of reach for most owners.

There is an alternative way of financing your business growth. Financing that is easy to qualify for, quick to set up and very cost effective. Not only that, it’s financing that grows with your business. And most of the time, you won’t get it from your local bank. This form of financing is called invoice factoring and you can get it from a factoring company.


Factoring is different than a bank loan and it works well if your biggest problem is that you can’t wait the 30 to 60 days that commercial clients take to pay their invoices. Basically, invoice factoring cuts the payment time to two days.

Factoring is simple. The factoring company buys your invoices (at a small discount) and pays you for them immediately. Then, the factoring company waits to get paid by your client. The net result: you get immediate working capital to pay business expenses and grow. You also eliminate the stress of having to wait to get paid and can count on a predictable cash flow.

As a form of financing, factoring offers two very distinct advantages over bank loans. First, it’s very easy to qualify for. Your main requirement is that you do business with strong commercial clients (or the government). Second, factoring financing grows with your business. As your invoicing grows, so does your financing. This enables you to easily cover the increasing costs of running a business that is growing.

A similar type of financing that is also offered by factoring companies is purchase order financing. Purchase order financing provides you with financing based on your purchase orders from large commercial clients. Purchase order financing is ideal for re-sellers and distributors that are growing quickly.

Whether you need financing because your customers pay you in 60 days or because you have a large purchase order from your biggest client, a factoring company will be able to offer alternatives to traditional financing.

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You’ve heard the saying, “You’ve got to spend money to make money!” This couldn’t be more true, especially in business. If you want to grow your business, you’re going to need a source of funds and access to cash flow – particularly when things are moving slowly.

Establishing Business Credit – Separate from Personal…

At one time, owners of businesses had to get business credit against the things that they owned personally and based on their personal credit score. This is a major liability because if your business doesn’t make it, you could lose your personal assets, too! Thankfully, there are now ways to obtain business credit that is not just an extension of what you owe personally.

If you set the business up as an official entity- separate from yourself, you can apply for various business funding, including loans or credit cards. When a business is just starting out, it hasn’t had the opportunity to establish its own credit rating yet and so lenders will have to use your personal credit report to determine the level of risk in lending to a business you own. What happens if your personal credit score is not-so-good?

You can take some steps to increase your chances of getting a business credit card (or some other form of business funding) by doing the following:

INCORPORATE! You’ve Heard that Mantra…

Take steps to increase your personal score. Before you go any further looking for business credit cards or other sources of funding, do you know what your score is? Is your credit score below 640? If it is, it is recommended that you attempt to increase the score first. Often, making all of your payments on time for 3 consecutive months will pull your score up 2 to 4 points. Check with a financial advisor for some ways of increasing your credit score as it will only serve to help you personally as well as in business.

Create an LLC or Corporation. This type of business structure automatically means the business is separate, and not just an extension of you. If you are operating a business under your name, and have not filed any official paperwork with the government or with lawyers and accountants- your business finances are no different than your personal finances.

Have a physical address. Believe it or not, using a PO Box can hinder your ability to get a business credit card or loan! If you operate out of your home, you might consider getting a business mailbox from Mailboxes Etc, or UPS, as both offer a physical mailing address rather than a PO Box. Having a business phone line also will increase the way the business is looked at by lenders and ensures the business is reachable.

A Co-Signor could Help You with Business Credit

If you are still unable to obtain business credit cards or financing on your first try, perhaps you know someone with a strong credit rating who would be willing to co-sign an application for you. You may not be able to have a business application for credit co-signed, but you can as an individual. Get a credit card in your name and then use it only for the business. Be sure to make the payments on time, and keep the balance manageable. Over time, you’ll build up your personal credit score, which is seen as a boost for the business validity- and eventually, you’ll be able to obtain funding and credit cards under the business name.

Getting business credit cards and financing is a necessity that all businesses will face from time to time. There is a need for cash flow in order to grow and increase the business. With some careful planning and preparation, most businesses will be approved for a business credit card even if the owner has personal credit that is slightly less-than-perfect.

You love the Post, but really just need to ‘make it rain’ in Your Business…

Get the 5 Essential Steps to Obtaining Business Funding Cheat Sheet